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HFS Olive Harvesting Machine

      HFS Olive Harvesting Machine
HFS Harvesting Machines are produced in production facilities of HFS Has Fren Sistemleri Ltd. ( Has Brake Systems Ltd. ) . Has Fren Sistemleri was established in 1998 as a producer in the field of brake systems and the company is still active in mass production of level valves , pulleys and spare parts for specific orders.
In 2012 , HFS Brake Systems Ltd. made Research&Development and started domestic production of harvesting machines . All mechanism , gearbox and components are locally produced in the production facilities of HFS.

     HFS Olive Collecting and Harvesting Machine is the first and patented machine in the world with its special design engaged hook-gearbox combination. Our product was tested by academicians in the laboratories of Uludag University and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and within this content , it was also tested on olive trees and all the technical values of the machine given on our website were achieved and reported.

Production Line