HFS Zeytin Toplama, Hasat Makinası | HFS Olive Harvester with back harness
The most durable olive tree branch shaker in the market thanks to brand new reinforced gearbox. Please take a look our harvester to see how to make a harvest easy as can be with its reduced weight and anti-vibration spring system for your hands and body. Do not forget to watch the video.
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Technical Specifications and Explanations

  • Stop adding oil daily ( Closed Circuit Gearbox Lubricating System )
  • Usable during olive , walnut , pistachio , raspberry , hazel and cherry harvests.
  • Harvest up to 4,5 mts without ladder
  • Long life of use by reinforced special alloy body
  • User Friendly Anti-Shaking System in order to reduce vibration on both hands
  • The top of the range body and hook structure by injection moulding
  • The easiest hook rubber replacement
  • Easy usage with ladder on high branches thanks to back harness and engine
  • Average harvest per day : 3 tons
  • %92-98 Harvesting Performance within 1-3 seconds
  • Cutting-Edge Technology , %100 Domestic Production
  • Reasonable Price
  • 2 year guarantee and maintenance service

Technical Specs

  • Engine : Oleo-Mac , Castor , Stihl , Kawasaki and all equivalent engines.
  • Power : 2,5 – 3,0 hp
  • Stroke : 40 mm
  • Hook : 32 mm
  • Weight felt by the user : 4,5 kgs


  • 1 piece of spare hook rubber

How to use video

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